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Looking for a free sperm donor in India, Singapore, Honk-Kong or any other Asian country? If you are unsure of how to make a sperm donation, use this board - it is yours! Making a sperm donation or finding a free sperm donor is never easy and will depend on local regulation regarding free sperm donor conception in your country.

by bulldozer7 » 27 Apr 2017

I'm interested in sperm donation that I can help lesbian couples or women seeking for donors.
I'm 5'10 north asian and have a good health status.
I have experience in donation in clinic which prove my qualifications in many ways.
I'm educated, and trilingual. (English, Korean and Chinese)
Baseball and Boxing is my favorite sports.
If there is someone who is interested please find my id and message me

by Mallory1 » 27 Oct 2017

Hi, my girlfriend and I are trying to have a baby and we would love to get in contact and see if you could be our guy but we do live in the states. Would that be a problem?

by martinla » 27 Dec 2017

Hi, I may be able to help...I am a sperm donor available and located in hong kong aged 33, healthy, sporty type, 1.8metre tall, brown eyes, black hair, two successful donation/conception records.
My sperm donation is free of charge. If you are interested, please pm. Thank you:-)

by Toyah » 08 May 2018

My name toyah how old are you I'm 25 I live in New York City my email *** I'm looking for Asian Chinese Korean Japanese only sperm donor contact me if you're interested I don't mind sending pictures but of course I would like to see pictures of you as well too

by khlo19 » 23 May 2018

I’m interested

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