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by Mark044 » 23 Aug 2013

Hi, I am a intelligent, fit,donor available in Nelson.
I dont mind a same sex couple.
I am 6ft tall, have Blue eyes and as a kid had red hair, its now build has always been athletic/muscular.
I am 6th generation NZ european. my ancestors came from Scotland, England and France. I, like my forefathers have led a full successful life, but with no children as my partner has never felt the urge, i feel I would like to leave my excellent genetic material as a gift to others.I can travel if needed . I am open to all wants and needs as a basis for discussion moving forward.
Kind regards, Mark.

by Ali_Nz » 28 Nov 2013

Hello Mark

I am new to this site and wondering if you are still open to donation or if your circumstances have now changed. Are you also open to travel?

Kind regards


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