Native American Donor Wanted

There are very different types of people looking to find a co-parent match in this forum, some looking for high commitment and others looking for partial commitment. You will find homosexual & lesbians co-parenting prospects in the forum.

by adeee » 31 Dec 2017

Married lesbian couple looking for a Native donor. We are both successful professionals in the fields of accounting and IT.
You must be registered with your tribe and have your tribal ID.

The donor contract is strict with no contact and no parental rights. If you are interested please respond to this and we will set up a FaceTime and go from there!

by Nitrobea » 15 Feb 2018

Hello, I saw your post and my wife and I have been wanting a child for a few years now but she has been unable to conceive. I am looking to find an egg donor in exchange I will be willing to become a sperm donor. I was tested in 2015 at a fertility clinic. Tested good.
Any child conceived would be able to become an enrolled member. This would mean free healthcare, college, and ten thousand a year. We are willing to travel if an agreement can be made. I do have the documents you need as proof of tribal enrollment.

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