Native American donor: Cherokee

Looking for a US sperm donor, or want to be a sperm donor yourself? Then you might wonder whether you should get help from a sperm bank. Yet going to a sperm bank may feel safer, both for the sperm donor and the future parent(s). There is no best way to search in the USA.

by Nitrobea » 21 Feb 2018

Hi, my name is Justin and I'm a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and I am located in Western North Carolina. I am looking to donate my sperm or Coparent to help a couple or single woman who wishes to have a Native American on the Cherokee roll. This would mean free health care, free college to most universities, and 10k each year from the tribe. I am open to coparent or just donate.

A little background about me. I spent some time in the military and left honorably to persue college. I have a BS in Geomatics and I am currently working on my BS in Civil Engineering and working as a surveying and GIS specialist. Please reach out to me if you have any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you. I do check this forum at least once a week.

by mama93 » 26 Feb 2018

Hi I'm interested. I'm part native American as well.

by Kiwi333 » 27 Feb 2018

I wish you were in Canada!

by Lumcba » 08 Mar 2018

As an anthropologist, i am very interested in your culture and would love to have more information. Thank you,

by ennodim » 09 Mar 2018

Hi I’m a educated women with masters in healthcare Mgmt.

by nik849 » 15 Mar 2018

Hello,. I'm very interested. Do you ship? Please let me know.

by soccer36 » 16 Mar 2018

I am interested... but I am a bit North of you in NH what methods would you be willing to use?

by Bbyluv27 » 17 Mar 2018

Hi I am interested. Can you ship? Or what methods do you prefer?

by Star95 » 20 Mar 2018

I am Interested . Can you Ship ? Or what method do you prefer to do ?

by BusyBee9 » 20 Mar 2018

I am interested. I'm AA. Would we meet or will you be shipping?

by Hoping2b » 24 Mar 2018

Hello there, you sound very attractive and thoughtful. I dated a native american identitical twin in college. It was fun. I have graduated from college and have been a nanny for years. I would love to start my family. I'm interested in your sperm. :) please email me so we may continue to talk. Thanks!

by Lovekid8 » 27 Mar 2018

Hi, I am very interested and would like to discuss options further. My husband and I are looking to have a child and he is 1/8 Cherokee. We think you would be a great match to help us grow our family.

by OBXNC4me » 27 Mar 2018

Hi! My wife and I are trying to conceive. I would be the recipient, but since my wife is part Cherokee, we were looking for a donor with a similar background. Also, we currently live in CO but will be in eastern NC for 6 weeks this summer.

by maney120 » 28 Mar 2018

We're interested.

by mshaw084 » 30 Mar 2018

Hi I’m Interested

by Wrightem » 07 Apr 2018

Hi, I am very interested on talking further about you being my sperm donor?

by ChPr79 » 11 Apr 2018

I am very interested in talking more. I live near the Cherokee area.

by Samiam20 » 17 Apr 2018

My wife is native American as well how far are you willing to
Travel to make your donation? Sorry im new to this lol she saw your
Profile and liked it

by Honey61 » 20 Apr 2018

Hey I am Wintun Indian and Me and My wife are very Interested in getting to know you and doing a sperm donation please feel free to email us ***
Cant wait to talk to

by Summer54 » 01 May 2018

I wish you were travelling to Australia. You sound perfect.

by boddiev » 31 May 2018

Hi my fiance and I are looking to expand our family. Do you ship at all?

by Sojourn » 04 Jun 2018

I am very interested. Please inbox me, I am brand new to this site and don't really know how to navigate. But I would like to discuss this privately if you are still interested in being a donor.

by cass4794 » 04 Jun 2018

I am interested. I have a masters degree in Environmental policy and management and am returning for a PhD in Environment and culture with a focus on native american culture. I have the utmost respect for your culture and would love to have a child with a connection directly to it. Willing to travel or pay for shipping. Please message me if interested.

by Quinzel8 » 07 Jun 2018

My wife and I are both looking for a sperm donor of Native American heritage. I’m part Choctaw and Chickasaw on my mother’s side and would like to ring back more Native American to our family line. Please contact me if you are still offering to donate and how you would want to go about it. We are located in Southern California. My email is *** please contact me.

by Alisha3 » 10 Jun 2018

Hello my wife and I are interested please contact us if you are willing to help us complete our family


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