Native American donor: Cherokee

Looking for a US sperm donor, or want to be a sperm donor yourself? Then you might wonder whether you should get help from a sperm bank. Yet going to a sperm bank may feel safer, both for the sperm donor and the future parent(s). There is no best way to search in the USA.

    by Babytalk      .      02 Jul 2018

    I would like to chat with u if you are still available. Im in a same sex marriage . for 10 years . and i have indian as well in bloodline. Looking forward hearing from you.

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    Babytalk on 02 Jul 2018

    I would like to chat with u if you are still available. Im in a same sex marriage . for 10 years . and i have indian as well in bloodline. Looking forward hearing from you.

    Tammy123 on 13 Jul 2018

    Hi, I am not far from you and would love your help. I also have Cherokee blood and always wanted to help our culture continue on. My husband is older than I and no longer able to have children. I have other children but we wanted one together. Would love to get in contact with you. Please respond if you are interested at all. Thankies

    Smith351 on 18 Jul 2018

    I am interested. I am from the coharie tribe. I am a single woman looking for a donor.

    Bryanna1 on 26 Jul 2018

    Ck out my page please. Let's chat.

    Paycavaz on 31 Jul 2018

    Hi I am intrested and would like to know if you ship or would we meet?

    SweetE on 05 Aug 2018

    I'm new to this, but very interested in receiving a donation from you.
    Please contact me with further details on how we make this happen.

    Shunny on 06 Aug 2018

    Hi, Justin,
    My name is Keisha. I would like for you to be my sperm donor if you are still interested in being a sperm donor.

    jay6674 on 09 Aug 2018

    hey i am a women looking for a donor and i would love to get to know more about you and to talk if you could get back with me thanks

    dna719 on 10 Aug 2018

    Native American 93 percent chikawah and Spaniard decent 100% succes rate ddf located in Colorado but mobile

    Lixblix on 02 Oct 2018


    I am a single, European woman living in LA and due to lack of the right man I really want to just find a sperm donor and do it myself. I would like to have a racially mixed baby since i believe people become stronger when they mix. I have specifically been looking for someone from a Native American background since historically I feel that NAs are historically very in touch with the people, nature, animals, environment, spirituality. Plus my little niece in Europe is also an 8th NA.... so don't want her to feel all alone with her heritage there. :)

    You sound like a great fit, are you still donating? I am looking quite urgently tbh. Have an ivf appointment set up for Dec. but would like to try it naturally on my own first.

    thank you so much and all the best.

    mshaw084 on 07 Oct 2018


    Brooke11 on 07 Oct 2018

    I am interested in your sperm. I live in Arizona.

    Iamlacey on 08 Nov 2018

    Hello are you still donating? And are you willing to ship?

    Tiffnash on 12 Nov 2018

    Hi justin. My wife and I are very interested. I myself am over 40% (verified) and traced relatives back to the rolls. Unfortunately I was over 16 when I found all of this out so I couldn’t be recognized. She is also part Cherokee as well. If you are still looking to donate please get back with us. Thank you.

    Hayleybr on 19 Nov 2018

    Hi I'm in Toronto educated Metis /French Canadian woman in Toronto is very interested

    alissa20 on 19 Nov 2018

    Hello, I’m interested in considering you to be a sperm donor for me. Check out my profile and see if we’d be a match. Message or email me to get into contact! Have a nice day, Alissa.

    Asteph on 22 Nov 2018

    I’m interested

    Rowe0512 on 24 Nov 2018

    Hello I'm very interested do you ship

    ShyBlond on 11 Dec 2018

    I’m very interested. Do you ship? I’m seriously interested in starting a family. Please let me know either way.

    Tb7914 on 12 Dec 2018

    Interested asap.

    beejohn1 on 15 Dec 2018

    I love everything I’ve read so far. My Fiancé And I would love having you for a donor. Do you ship sperm ?

    Sonia88s on 14 Mar 2019

    I am very interested, do you ship? I’m located in Las Vegas NV.

    Gr82bmom on 16 Mar 2019

    I'm a citizen of Cherokee nation. What would happen if my wife and I have you as our known donor? We are interested in getting to knowyou.

    Davidj on 22 Mar 2019

    Hi I'm very interested I'm 42 and I've raised my special needs child myself for 9 years my self my clock is ticking thank you

    Luv1939 on 26 Mar 2019

    Hello. I am looking for a Native sperm donor so that I can carry on our traditional ways. Are you still donating?


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