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by PaulL » 29 Apr 2019

Hello everyone, I’m looking for a woman or a lesbian couple to have 1-2 kids with and to co-parent with 50/50 in the Montreal area. I am 6 foot 3, 185#, blonde with blue eyes, very loving, very healthy and super smart, happy and succesfull in life. I am already a great dad and co-parent for my 2 kids with their mom with whom I was with for 15 years, we have a great parenting relationship. I know how to be a great co-parent and a good daddy already. I just need to find you to make it happen again and finally have the big happy family I always dreamed of :-). You can reply here or in private, my user name is PaulL. Good luck everyone in your search !

by Lucy48 » 08 Jul 2019

Hi, I am looking for a donor

by Momlove1 » 15 Jul 2019

Hi I am looking for a co-parent to have a baby with. I also have two kids went through a horrible divorce and my ex is trying as hard as he can to keep my children from me. I want to have my third with a man who will be there only when you want to be. I will be a full time parent and give my all 24/7 to our child if we have one. I live in south Florida now and am willing to relocate. If you are interested message me back I have no idea how this works.

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