Mixed, athletic 29 year old Fitness Model and Vegan

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by Kennie » 24 Apr 2012

Im 6 feet tall, 225lbs, very healthy family history. Im a fitness model, a vegan of 8 years and very healthy. I am interested in sharing my genetics since I feel I have been blessed! Contact me anytime!

by achatmo » 07 Jun 2012

My partner and I are in clifornia looking for a sperm donor, are you still available?
Hope to hear from you soon :)

by farfala » 04 May 2015

hi, are you still available? I love the vegan part! I am part Buddhist so it would be a great thing for me, thanks

by Crystalg » 26 Oct 2015

Hi are you still available? And where are you?

by Mjayxo » 10 Feb 2016

Are you still looking to donate? I am a high raw vegan and my toddler is being raised vegan. I would so appreciate a vegan donor.

by Tcun14 » 27 Aug 2018

I’m intrest hope to hear from you

by ShayLash » 29 Aug 2018

Hi. I am interested . Are you still available?

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