Middle GA couple looking for donor to start our family

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by TanaRae » 27 Nov 2018

Hello! We are a lesbian couple currently living in middle Georgi (together for 7 years) and searching for a sperm donor to help us start our family. We have no previous kids. I'd ideally prefer a donor that wouldn't mind traveling and possibly using a natural method. (Yes my partner and I have discussed and accepted this)

Our sperm donor would have to provide up to date health screenings (for STD/STI/etc) and sign all rights and contact away at conception. We are not willing to coparent.

I would need to keep contact with the sperm donor for another child in later years, so both children can be biologically related.

Ideally looking for someone with darker features, possibly shorter, but that isn't a must. I'm also Native Cree, would love to find a Native lined donor.

We are currently not offering payment for your donation, this would be a purely kind deed to help a couple start a family with no ties or repercussions back to you. (No chance on being hit up for child support by courts later on and such)

Please feel free to contact me! I'd love to meet with you and discuss more!

by lazaro » 02 Dec 2018

Hola estoy en cozumel por si les interesa saludos

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