Med student seeks sperm donor Wellington

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by DrS1974 » 19 Mar 2014

Hi I'm a 39yr old single mum, and medical student about 1/2 way through my studies. I would love to have a sibling for my child, but haven't been able to meet Mr Right yet. I'm looking for a Sperm Donor in the Wellington area. I'm not looking for a co-parenting situation, just a donor as I still hope to one day meet someone who will fill the role of father for my children in the future.

by DrS1974 » 23 Mar 2014

Just want to amend my original post, am thinking now also about the possibility of a co-parenting arrangment with a gay couple/man or single heterosexual man. cheers.

by Scotscan » 20 Jul 2016

Hi Please contact me I should be able to help!

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