married lesbian couple seeking donor in ohio

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by BabyDuke » 17 Dec 2016

Hi we are a married lesbian couple looking to start a family. We are in Fremont ohio. We are looking for someone who deep in their heart is willing to help a couple fulfill a lifelong dream. We are ONLY interested in artificial insemination. We will require current HIV and STD testing copies that show a negative result. If this is something you might consider please email us back and let us know. If your only interested in what we can do for you sexually you need not reply. We are not interested in letting anyone watch us or us watch them. Thanks for your time

by thisisus » 21 Feb 2017

Hi there! Did you all ever find a donor? My wife and I just moved to Kentucky and I just started looking at this site. I was just curious if you had had any luck on here. :-)

by jak7 » 26 Nov 2017

Ready for co parenting, I would like to be in the child life, child will be in my name...ready to show copy of negative STD testing, but same time I need your tests too. ensure that my child will be fine. We need to sign rights that I will be in his or her life as a father as well as I`m not paying child support at least for now...

If you interested email me ..

Dayton/ Ohio

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