Male willing to relocate for coparenting with female

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by boyd22 » 21 Dec 2010

Hello ! I am an male who desperately wants to have a child. I would like to co-parent with a women. I am willing to relocate if needed to achieve my goal of parenting. I recently went through the whole process of getting to know a women to find out in the end that she really can't have children. But I remain dedicated to my desire to one day hold my own kid in my arms.

I am looking for a women who isn't racially biased. Or who is simply open to having a baby with a man based upon character and not race. It seems that everyone says I want to be a parent. Then they have a laundry list that they pull out in the first hour. No one is the perfect . I am attractive, very active in my community, a good son, brother, and friend. I have fully thought more about raising a child then I have finding the right mother. I didn't know it would be so hard to find a co-parent. Again, the problem is that everyone wants perfection. I am intelligent, well read and traveled. Totally respect other cultures and open to try new things that make me feel a little out of my skin.

I am tall African American, gay, Medium skin tone, black hair, big smile.Use to sing in a family show when I was younger, Very creative, love reading, writing, masculine, very respectful of my body. I have friends of all walk of life. I want to be a hands on father involved in the decision making, financial etc. But willing to compromise with the mother to create a co-parenting situation that is harmonious.

Please contact me if you have questions or if you are interesting in co-parenting. I live in San Diego, CA. But again, I am willing to relocate if we are a match.

Thank you,


by BP1010 » 14 Sep 2011

Hi Boyd. How is your search coming along?

by angel00 » 05 Mar 2012

Hi, im wondering how your search is going? have you found someone? if not i'd love to talk.

by Alic41 » 02 Apr 2012

Hi! I read your post and it sounds very sounddown to earth. It would be great to talk with you more.

by rachel8 » 14 May 2012


I am so glad to have read your post. You and I might be a great match. Please read my profile (Rachel8) and let me know if you would like to talk on the phone or meet.


by rachel8 » 15 May 2012

Please look at my profile. We might be a good match.

by jtahl » 15 May 2012

HI Rachel,

I saw your profile and I am interested in what type of customed designed family tribe you are looking to start and what type of men you are looking for. So please contact me on *********

by rachel8 » 08 Jul 2012

I like what you wrote. Would you like to come up to Los Angeles and meet for tea? At the least we'd inspire each other.

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