Male for Co-Parenting or Donation - {conditional}

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by TonyM » 13 Jun 2020

I am a Post Graduate (Engineering); and successful in my carrier.

I am looking to Co-Parent or Donation (but would only donate if i'll be a part of the child's life)

I am mostly of African heritage with some Middle Eastern and East Indian mix; but open to all ethnicities.

I am 5'8 tall, Athletic built, probably handsome and in good health (near 20/20 vision, never been to a dentist, not balding, and no known history of mental health issues in my family)

Please get in touch towards our common goal.

Yes, I am willing to travel.

by msu03 » 18 Jun 2020

Definitely interested. Feel free to message me.

by andyvas » 22 Jun 2020

Hello :) we’re looking for the same things!

by andyvas » 22 Jun 2020

Hello :) very interested in your post! I’d love to talk to you some more.

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