Male 4 female to coparent

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by Bedad1 » 01 May 2017

Hello gals, I'm a gay guy (asian). I'm looking for a white female to coparent. I'm open to different possibilities. I'm have been looking for the right person for so long and just about to give up. I'm a good guy, stable and successful. Financial obligations are not an issue for me as I can take care all of that. I just need an amazing mother for my child. Let's talk and give each other a chance :)

by Carrie17 » 09 May 2017

can you be more clear about your expectations

by Jewel89 » 17 Jul 2017

Hi there. I am a single Caucasian female in my late twenties. I am very creative and I have exceptional fine motor skills. I do a lot of sewing and fashion design and I also crochet and knit. I have dated gay men before and I would not mind if my child was gay also. I am very sweet and kind and loving. Let me know if you are still interested??? ;)

by kdav8 » 29 Mar 2018

Hey! May I ask where you're located? I'm kind of in the same situation. I'm a gay female looking for a co-parent. I know your post specifies caucasian female, but maybe you'd consider asian (Chinese-American) female? If you're interested, please shoot me a message at ***

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