Loving Mother looking for donor in Texas

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by EiliMoon » 08 Oct 2017

I am 28. I have always wanted a large family. I have one son who is currently two and am looking to conceive again as soon as possible. If interested please respond. I shall be eagerly awaiting. My son has blue eyes so a donor with blue or grey eyes would ve preferable but it is not a requirement.

by BigDSA » 19 Oct 2017

Hello 35 single male in Texas wishing to become s father I do not have colored eyes wish I did tho lol but I am 6ft 6 and come from a tall family it's our predominant gene

by mgaz » 26 Oct 2017

My sperm is from an excellent gene pool, i have and my great grandkids, grandkids and daughter all are mentally and physically healthy. I work out and cycle 70 miles a week. I don't have any heath issues at 63 and my family and sister are also vey healthy. I have one bye eye and one brown eye. If you are interested we can visit this inmate detail.


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