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by mrjodan » 07 Apr 2019


We are a 58 year old Caucasian man and 46 year old Japanese- American woman. We have tried for years to conceive but thus far have been challenged in that goal. (Unfortunately, my wife's eggs not been productive)

We believe that "It takes a village to raise a child". and so, we would be excited to partner with a co-parent to share in the upbringing.

We'd like to continue our journey with a co-parent who has an open heart, who is responsible, honest, kind and health-conscious.

We aim to provide for the child, and would expect for you to do the same, whether you be single or a couple, either way would be fine.

We believe that communication is the most important thing in a relationship, whether that be romantic or friendship, but especially in the case of parenting.

A sense of humor is also important, and an open mind.

Most of all, we'd like to teach our child to become resilient, and to never give up on their goals. Because everyone fails at some point, but if you can learn from the experience, and become stronger, then you WILL become successful.

We sincerely believe that we can help develop this trait in our child, to go along, hand-in-hand with the trait of kindness.

If this rings true for you, please contact us. We'd love to speak with you!
Please check out our profile. Thanks

by stelmo83 » 10 Apr 2019

Where are you located?

by Quinn11 » 24 Oct 2019

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