Los Angeles White Male Wants to be a Dad

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by gquinn » 11 Jun 2020

Hi. This is a new attempt to have child and share a child without strings of marriage or expectations beyone creating a stable and amaxzing life for the child and also future financial security for the child and future generations. I have no kids and no siblings and I am a healthy male in my forties looking for a healthy woman that is open to an arrangement that allows for mutual goals. My mom and myself have both worked in education and can provide a good home and life for the child but also open to helping the mom with her goals and dreams in a locale of some closeness to La, CA.

by Artina » 23 Jun 2020

Wish you lived in Texas. :-(

by Thankyou » 25 Jun 2020

Sounds exactly like what Im also looking for. Lets connect.

by Savage22 » 28 Jun 2020

Do you travel by chance ?

by Yobo40 » 04 Jul 2020


I am highly interested. Please contact me so we can chat.

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