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by dfen » 13 Mar 2015

Looking for co-parent(s), gay or straight, any race. I would contribute financially. Lesbian couple ideal. Due to benefits I receive from the VA child eligible for free college education and free health care insurance.
I would prefer that we do intrauterine insemination at a medical office, but IVF might be a consideration, with your eggs or donor eggs.
I would pay for medical/fertility treatments. Marriage might also be a possibility if it would enhance our lives.
I can be more involved, or less involved depending on your wishes, but the child(ren) would live primarily with you. An out-of-state (or even foreign) co-parent(s) would be fine.

If interested, see my profile: dfen

by farfala » 04 May 2015

I am interested...you got me with the free college education part...I don't know how to search for your profile, but as soon as I find out how to do it I will send you a message...I can't read private message though, at least not yet

by kjk » 16 May 2015

Hi Dfen!
Are you still looking? 38 year old female in Washington, currently looking for a coparent :)

by PG2NU » 04 Oct 2015


My partner and I are a lesbian couple interested in co-parenting with an amazing guy. We've been together for 5 years. We are both educated, spiritual,  healthy,  family oriented,  open minded and loving.  We are interested in co-parenting with someone that is honest, healthy,  free spirited, spiritual,  loving,  and exciting about being a father.  Let's get to know more about each other and go half on a baby :-)

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