Looking to find partner who wants a family Vancouver Island

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by Dobie » 02 Jun 2019

Does any one want to meet or go out on a date night. I want a family thats not ockward and meeting some one on a dating site with simmilar goals is hard. All of the best family moments with making a family.
I am age 33
Not perfect or rich but aloot of fun and would make an amazing dad and husband.
Willing to relocate.
And change life.

by MyEmmy » 13 Jan 2020

Can you please send me a picture of your self

by Manny46 » 15 Jan 2020

I can help you with this , I live in Vancouver :) feel free to message .e

by HelenM » 21 Feb 2020

Hi I would be interested. I'm in Vancouver but would like to move to the island. How can we connect?

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