Looking to donate sperm once. 25, Ital & Mid-Eastern. Cali

Looking for a US sperm donor, or want to be a sperm donor yourself? Then you might wonder whether you should get help from a sperm bank. Yet going to a sperm bank may feel safer, both for the sperm donor and the future parent(s). There is no best way to search in the USA.

by AdamVT » 01 Jan 2018

Hello, my name is Adam, I live in California, and im currently 25 years old and stand at 6 feet tall and im looking to be a donor. I am looking to only donate one time to a couple or a single individual who would be willing to carry on a part of me in this world with them forever. Here is a little bit about me and why im on here.

At the age of 21 I found out my heart was failing due to a sickness that is not genetic called Viral Cardiomyopathy also known as heart failure. Its caused by a virus entering into a host who is already sick with something else that has severely knocked down their immune system (at the time I was sick with pneumonia). I was in college, had a great job, and was in a relationship. Everything before that day was going my way.

Fast forward to today. Its been 2 years almost since I had a heart transplant but unfortunately i keep ending back in the hospital due to my body not communicating with the donors heart and eventually this will kill me. My doctors are putting a 10 - 20 year time span on my life (2 of those years ive already lived) and ive come to accept that. My issue though is I always wanted to have a family and children, i wanted to teach my kids everything I have and to grow up never wanting anything a day in their lives. With my situation though as it stands now, my life is unpredictable and messy at best. I refuse to start a family with anyone due to the fact that within a few short years they will be burying me. I have decided to stay single and do not date as of now as well as do not plan on dating ever again unfortunately.

That being said my goal is now to help a family or a single mother have a child that they can love and care for as much as I would have myself. I am looking for a little piece of me to be carried on in this world for long after I am gone and have decided I would like to donate one (1) time only. If your looking for multiple children through me, I AM NOT YOUR GUY. I grew up in a big family of 5 and refuse to be a part of that in anyway shape or form lol. Anyway, im a big guy, broad shoulders, and my weight bounces from 200 - 260 lbs depending if im dieting or not. I am 6 feet tall, love music of all types, am very into computer sciences and technology (all self taught) and as of last year was working in a biotech company as an IT Associate until I had my stroke which told me it was time to leave. Now I just relax at home and try to take everyday in the best I can. I score pretty high on IQ test (110 - 115 on average) and love science, animals, technology, art, books, reading, writing (as you can tell from this post), and love going out at night to watch the stars while talking politics, religion, or anything going on in the world, and sometimes, nothing at all. I have images of myself on my profile, and please message me if interested as im only planning on leaving my profile up for 1 month starting today.

With kind regards,
Adam T

PS: Please excuse the spelling errors, on my phone.

by Angeldov » 10 Jan 2018

I'm new to this site. Still trying to navigate it. Wasn't sure how to access your profile. I'm very sorry to hear about your health issues. Have you been tested for STD's or any other illness that can be transmitted through semen? Like I said, very new to this site, unsure what to ask. I was looking into sperm banks when came across this site. A little about me. I'm a 42 year old white single woman. I am a teacher. I lost my fiance to cancer and haven't really ever been able to get over it to move on to another relationship. But I've always wanted a child, and with my age it's really now or never. I live in Florida. Please message me back if you are interested. And I know what you mean about typing this on a phone, difficult to fix mistakes.


by Kae43 » 12 Jan 2018

We're you still looking or did you find a match? If not I'm interested in seeing if we might match.

by Smg1218 » 13 Jan 2018

My name shannon. I am sorry for your loss. I have lost my best friend due to heart failure. My mom had cancer. Me and my girlfriend have beentogether for two years. We are looking to start a family and building a life together. I want to have a child to love and care for. I want to show my child the fun and exciting things in life. I dont judge people for who they are and would love someone to teach them the same thing. How to love them for who they are not just looks

by Arethad » 13 Jan 2018

I am interested my you please message me back

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