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by Bigmannv » 01 Apr 2020

I am a single 36 year old African American male, living in Virgina

I am looking for a lady to have a child with, I am open to co-parenting or raising the child sole.

If you would like to talk please let me know.

by Abbie25 » 20 Apr 2020

Hello, would you be willing to travel to Ohio? If you are then I’m highly interested just send me a message and let me know!

by Bigmannv » 13 May 2020

Hi Abbie,

Thanks for the reply. I am open to travel but I am not seeing a long distance co-parenting situation looking for local. But if your just seeking to carry then yes.

by Kristle » 29 May 2020

Hey there! Interested in Maryland. What part of VA are you in?

by Dejad » 26 Jun 2020

hey are u still doing this?

by Bluspeed » 17 Aug 2020

Would you send me a picture?

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