Looking for Sperm donor for lesbian couple to start family.

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by Jo12321 » 10 May 2016

Hi there,
We are a lesbian couple living in NZ wanting to expand our family. We are looking for a genuine donor who is just wanting to help out. We are both very active, musical and healthy. We have university degrees, and enjoy sports, travel and relaxing together as much as the next person. We are looking for someone who would be willing to help us, and willing to have a lawyers contract/the clinic testing done (at our cost if you havent already) so that we all know what we are in for. We are open to ways of donation however we aren't into NI. We would love to hear from anyone who would be keen to help us out! Looking forward to this journey!

by CraigM » 16 May 2016

happy to help if your interested check out my profile

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