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by Dina42 » 03 Dec 2010

Hi, I am a 29 single female and havent found Mr. Right to settle down with yet. I've decided to put that aspect of my life on hold and find someone whom wants a child as much as I do. I am looking for a co-parent whom wants to be in their childs life on a regular basis with me being the full-time parent. I thought about going the AI route but I want my child to have 2 parents if possible. The hardest part of co-parenting seems to be finding someone in my general area. If this sounds like something you would be interested in and you're in the Northeast PA area drop me a line.

by joshsteve » 04 Dec 2010

Hi , we kind of share something in common ,where abouts are u ? with me am in london.hope to hear from u darling.j

by joshsteve » 04 Dec 2010

HI lady D ,where abouts are u?drop me a line may be can happen for both of us ,hope to hear from u ,j

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