Looking for Natural Sperm Donor in Florida

Looking for a US sperm donor, or want to be a sperm donor yourself? Then you might wonder whether you should get help from a sperm bank. Yet going to a sperm bank may feel safer, both for the sperm donor and the future parent(s). There is no best way to search in the USA.

by JinFL » 08 Apr 2017

Hello, I'm Joy and I'm 27 years old.
I am a Black, single, heterosexual woman.
I am financially secure and independent. I am self employed and I own my own company.
I am searching for a sperm donor, natural insemination, in order to have my first and likely only child.
I am not looking for someone to help me financially, any of that type of assistance would be to his discretion.
While I am willing to consider a coparent situation, I will have sole legal and physical custody and any willing donor (coparent or donor) will need to sign documents stating this before the insemination process.
Its always been a goal of mine to be a mother and I have decided that this is the best way to go about doing it for me, given where I am in life.
Thank you for reading!

by marqui1 » 15 Apr 2017

Hey JenFl,

I'm Marquise, 22 yrs old, 6'3", family history physically & mentally stable. I am currently single (divorced), while drawing to the conclusion of my marriage, my ex-wife found she could birth anymore children. She has two of her own from a previous relationship, unfortunately I don't. I'm very concerned for mother qualities in the future child's life, because it doesn't seem like a priority in most parents nowadays. I'm interested in donating and willing to submit to testing. Donating method: co-parenting* (Natural Insemination) .

by Max123 » 18 Apr 2017

I am interested to help. I live in Los Angeles.
Please message me in my inbox Max123
Looking forward to meeting you.

by Elzedra » 29 Aug 2017

Hi, my name is Max and I live in Boca. I'm 26 and of Hispanic origin. If you are interested pm me so we can discuss further

by turbo82 » 29 Aug 2017

Hi my name is Chris i am 35 and i am willing to help I am Hispanic and full ok with every thing that you described i am wondering where you are from and how would plan on doing this i am looking tobe a donor nothing more nothing less any hop you get the and really

by Station4 » 01 Sep 2017

Hey Joy! I really liked your ad. A little bit about me: I'm 6'3", 180 pounds, naturally slender, intelligent and educated. I have brown hair, brown eyes, and white skin (naturally tan, most people assume that I'm Italian or Greek). My family and I have no history of diabetes or dementia, and most live into their 80s, 90s, and we've got a few past 100.

If you're interested, hit me up! Would love to see where in FL you're located.

by mari101 » 02 Sep 2017

I am interested

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