looking for natural or sperm donor asap

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by kiwideb » 21 Aug 2013


My mummy clock is tick tocking away and I yearn for a baby boy or girl who can call me Mum.
I am open to having a hands on father or someone who just wants to be kind enough to donate sperm to make someones dream come true. Ideally for the childs sake I would love an openness to the father being able to be contacted once the child is 18 and perhaps a photo to show the child if the donor doesnt want to be hands on.

I am creative, love sports and don't smoke and rarely drink . I am 164cm tall, average weight, blue eyes, brown hair and nz euro. I would like someone with similar interests. I am doing a degree in sports and recreation atm.

My email is ***@gmail.com


by Scotscan » 21 Jul 2016

I should be able to help Debbie

by Moonlet » 07 Sep 2016

Hi there, very keen to chat as you are exactly what im searching for, and im what you're searching for.

by kiwiguy » 02 Oct 2016

Hi , I'd be honored to give you the gift of being a parent. Let me know if your still keen/looking. Open to anything to help you. Take care

by Endeavor » 20 Mar 2017

Hello Debbie, I am interested. Please have a look at my profile and maybe we can chat more if our goals align.

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