Looking for a man who would like to co-parent and help me

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by Tara1022 » 19 Sep 2010

Hi there,

I am a young woman who feels desperate to have her own child, i tend to think nothing but kids 24/7 and its driving me mad. I am in desperate need to have my very own child. I need a man who is more than willing to be in the kids life no matter what and be willing to help me out no matter what too. At the moment i have been down on my luck, recently lost my job a few months ago and had to move in with my parents again, so i havent got the best living situation right now but i am trying to sort something out but its hard like hell to do it. Please i need help, can anyone help me? I really need a man who is genuine and really wants to help and co-parent too.

Please reply

Thank you

P.S I dont mean to sound too desperate.

by Raj » 25 Sep 2010

hello contact me on my email *********** with your info and photo, i do not have the time to mess around and if your the right person maybe!

by Wayne12 » 30 Oct 2010

Hi Tara, What age are you? and what part of the uk do you live in? could i be the one?

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