Looking for man who wants to be a dad

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by Aggy80 » 27 Jan 2020

Looking for a responsible man who wants to be a dad to start a family with.

by EMTTRT » 30 Jan 2020

Good evening aggy80, send me a confirmation email so we can learn about each other. Thank you and have a great day!!

by DarioBay » 30 Jan 2020

Hi I am from California and I would love to chat with you About having a baby and a raise her/him together .
Thank you

by Aggy80 » 01 Feb 2020

If you interested, please email me so we can discuss it further. Thank you

by willymix » 10 Feb 2020

I could help you if you’re still interested.

by victor81 » 11 Feb 2020

I'm interested. Are you in Texas?

by Montanam » 12 Feb 2020

Most importantly I would prefer to be a dad than just fathering a child. Would mean allot to me if someone were to have me a child.

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