Looking for Indian Sperm Donor & Co-parent

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by Sahara75 » 08 Jun 2020

Thanks for reading. A little bit about me. I’m a single Indian female who lives in the GTA. I own multiple properties, am financially well settled and have a secure job.

I’m an Indo-American female currently residing in Canada (dual citizen). Although I’m not very religious or traditional, I have a strong preference for someone with the same religious/cultural background. My heritage is South Indian.

I’m looking for an Indian, Hindu male who is willing to donate and co-parent with me. I’m willing to sponsor you if necessary. Open to NI, AI and IVF.

by rajiyert » 10 Jun 2020

Hi Sahara,

I'm Mclean, VA based Hindu and South Indian. If interested please get in touch with me.

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