Looking for Female Co-Parent In Massachusetts

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by Phillip3 » 06 Dec 2010

Hello,i'm looking for that special woman to share the experience of raising a child together.

I'm 33 and have yet to find that "special someone".Recently i have begin to realize that my opputunity to be a father is slipping away.

I'm a bit shy at first but once i realize i can trust you i will open up.I have a great sense of humor with a touch of sarcasm!I'm very family oriented and am thrilled at the thought that someday i will have a family of my own.I'm very caring,and loving.I'm a very generous person who will do anything for his friends and family.

I look forward to hearing from that special woman!

by Kati » 06 Jan 2011

Hello I am looking for a male co parent. I live in the midwest. I know that is far from Massachusetts but would you like to discuss it with me.

by Sunnyme » 03 Feb 2011

Hello. Can you tell me what are the characteristics youd find ideal in a woman youd coparent with? How do you envision the parents relationship. What are your expectations of parental involvement?

I too am in MA and am eager to have a child, but know that I cannot wait for the "right" romantic relationship. We should chat.


by OTLove » 13 Mar 2017

I am a pediatric occupational therapist turning 43 next week. I really would like a shot at having a child. I wonder if we could chat?

by Lilahk » 25 Mar 2017

Hey I'm in your area.

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