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by Seeker » 15 Mar 2013

Hi everyone! I'm looking for someone who is interested in Co-parenting. I would prefer someone who has thought about it alot and is serious about it. I've met a few people and talked alot about it but finding someone who is committed can be a chore.

I am a single gay male who has always wanted to be father. I had thought about being a single dad but the cost of surrogacy really restricts that. I think it would be awesome to be able to raise the child we both parents. I would love to find a single lesbian or lesbian couple to do this with, but I am also open to a single heterosexual woman. Right now I am living in Kansas, I came out here to start me career as a Nurse, but I am on my own so if I met the right person I could relocate anywhere.

I am an Emergency room nurse who plans on specializing in pediatric emergency. I love working with kids and tend to get along well with them. I am a very caring loving individual and think I would make an great dad.

by Indigo3 » 07 Oct 2013

Hi Seeker,

Where are you located?

by mom2one » 30 Oct 2013


I read your profile and you truly seem to have a firm understanding of what you are seeking; this is refreshing. I am located in FL, but would like to chat and get to know one another better; if after reading my profile you would be interested then we can chat further. I am an open book so please do not hesitate to ask anything you would like to know :D

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