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by ehuang » 19 Mar 2017

I'm a senior engineer in computer software looking for a female co-parent. I have an excellent education background and a healthy life style, and I'm financially stable. I'm interested in working with a lady who is 22 to 35 years old and also has a healthy life style. I'm in California but I'm OK with someone as long as she is in the US. I'm open to explore any kind of co-parenting agreements.

by Nikki247 » 22 Mar 2017

Hi, I am new to the site and wanted to get an idea of possibly coparenting arrangements. Originally I am looking for a donor but would like to know in the general sense how a coparenting arrangement is viewed. What is he ideal coparenting situation to you?

by Pduffles » 05 Apr 2017

Hi, I am a healthy female who is 40 and looking for a co-parent. I live in LA.

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