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by Lisebois » 20 Jan 2017

Hi there!

My husband and I are looking for a donor in Winnipeg or surrounding areas. We really want to start a family. Please contact me if interested to help.

Thank you!

by Sammy18 » 21 Jan 2017

I am a healthy Asian (Brown) male in Toronto who is offering my sperm to a loving couple or woman to fulfill their dreams of being a mother. I am not interested in co-parenting arrangement and am fine with not being involved in the child's life. I am university graduate and work for reputed Tech company. I am passionate about assisting the community by giving this precious gift to all those mothers.

I am a 5'8", Asian male who is healthy physically. Preferred method of donation is AI but is open to discussion but no shipping. I am based out of Toronto but ready to travel outside if required. I am also open for conversations with interested women and couples to see if I could be a good fit for your future family. Most of my other details are already included in my profile, contact me if interested.

by Sammy18 » 23 Jan 2017

Hey, i am from Toronto but can think of a possible option. You can review my details and let me know your interest.

by Liseois » 24 Jan 2017


Check out my profile and contact me if interested in helping us.

Thank you!

by Sammy18 » 24 Jan 2017

Hi Lisebois,

I an unable to search your profile for some reasons. You have an email id for a follow up conversation ?


by Alice2 » 11 Feb 2017

Did you have any luck finding a donor?

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