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by Yvrlas » 27 Aug 2018

I find these forums are always difficult as you only get a short space to try and say what matters... so here it goes.

I am a single lady that’s looking to get pregnant soon! I am interested in being a single parent or co parent and happy to discuss both options! What am I looking for? Someone that is drug free (cigarette smoking ok) and with current std testing as you can imagine this is important. I would prefer AI (in a cup) but would consider talking about other methods with the right person... touch base if your interested. And thanks for the read.

by Chewable » 01 Sep 2018

Hi Yvrlas!

I am from the island and can help you out. I’m 6’4” and 250 lbs. blonde hair and green eyes! In my previous donations we have done NI so I want to be straight forward with you.

Any Questions feel free to ask!

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