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by Misz » 22 May 2018

My name is Melissa, I am 35 years old and hoping to find a co-parenting relationship. I would be looking for someone who is ALL IN, that will become part of my family (however unconventional that might be) for the child's sake. I am not looking for a personal relationship with you but it is vital for the child to have someone who can be apart of birthdays, holidays, and special events, so neither of us has to miss out on these things by splitting time between two homes. That is not to say I am not willing to share custody; I just don't want for my co-parent partner (or myself) to miss the excitement of our child waking up to see Santa has come, or the child wondering why daddy/mommy isn't at their party/school concert, etc. I want you to be welcome and comfortable in my home and child's life (and my life by proxy). I want to know (and for you to know) the kind of people whom our child is exposed to, their friends, their friend's parents and teachers, etc. I would like someone who has an interest in these things, if you don't that is ok, no need to let me know why my expectations are wrong...just move along!
I know this will sound harsh, but I don't want someone who pops in and out when it is convenient for them! Growing up, I had that sort of situation myself. I never want to have my child go through that sort of disappointment and find themselves not being able to trust others for fear of being let down.
I am just starting the process of looking into this, so I am not quite ready to start right away, I just graduated from school after returning as a mature student and am searching for employment. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A BABY DADDY PAYCHECK! I will secure employment and take care of my financial obligation to my child and not rely on others or the government to pay my way. That being said if you are ALL IN, you should be prepared to JOINTLY support your child financially. If not I could just find a sperm donor and that is an option for me too. I figured if someone out there is on the same page as me and seeking the same things why not share the experience! Having a loving, devoted, present father and mother would be a fantastic gift for a child!
The reason I am looking now before I am 100% ready is although I am not in love with the idea of relocating, I am in the position to do so while I search for a new career and if I am going to take that leap I should do it now!
I think I would prefer to work with an individual over a couple, only because that seems overly complicated for my liking (again, not saying you can't have a spouse/partner, not saying I wouldn't welcome them into our life equally) but I am not strictly opposed to it either, I just have a few concerns.
Whoever is in my child's life (including myself) will be responsible for only exposing our child to healthy, happy, committed examples of a relationship...do what you want in your personal life but don't expose your child to your drama or uncertainties (No revolving door of "step daddies/mommies)

by vrd71 » 25 May 2018

Hi Melissa

feel free to IM me

by paki99 » 06 Jun 2018

how are you? personally, your message speaks to me a lot, it is because I see myself literally in what you say you will be willing to exchange to get to know and share our ideas to see if compatibility or live already?

by PaulP » 25 Jun 2018

Hello Melissa!
That's all I'm looking for. Please write to me!
With great expectations: PaulP

by Aody » 11 Aug 2018

very good profile.
get back if you are interested.

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