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by Dtravass » 19 Sep 2017


I'm 35 and i haven't found a partner yet to have a baby with. I came across this site and I'm considering the possibility of having a co-parenting role. I would like to experience to have a baby by my own, but I'm in school and I can't have it myself.
I'm looking for a single man, gay couple, straight couple who want to raise a baby 50-50 of the time. Ideally, the involvement would be emotional and financial.

I'm health, drink socially, exercise, fit, don't smoke and I'm vegetarian.
I'm very easy-going, not into parties, I love to travel and stay home watching netflix. I'm 5'3" and 120 pounds.

If you think it might be a good fit, please text me.

by HITENLAK » 07 Mar 2019

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