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by wannago » 21 Jul 2015

Hi, I am an east asian man in early 30s. I am a gay but not out of closet. I grow up in a culture which strongly merits the values of family. To become a father and have my own child is my greatest dream in my life. I have most of the merits from a traditional and family-oriented culture: responsible, honest, and diligent. Though I am a gay, my life is not fully involved in gay circles socially. Most of my friends are straight and I am living a very healthy life: No smoking, no drugs, only social alcohol. I sincerely hope I can find a woman and raise a child as what my straight friends are doing.

Here is a brief introduction to myself. I am 5’11 hight and 160 lbs weight. I am also good-looking (at least above average). I have a PhD in computer science and have a very decent job in the area of San Francisco. I am very confident in the ability of providing the child with the best eduction. I am willing to financially support the baby, until he/she finishes college. More importantly, I have great flexibility in who is going to live with the baby and how the baby will be raised. My bottom line is that I can spend some time with the child from time to time. and she/he knows who the father is. If interested, please contact me and we can communicate further.

Although I am located in north california, I am open to any woman (lesbian or not) to cooperate. Thank you very much.

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