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by Yuri111 » 13 Sep 2018

Hi there, I am a 35 years-old Chinse woman looking for a caucasion sperm donor or co-parent in Hong Kong or southern China.

I am 5'4" (165cm). I am a practicing solicitor in Hong Kong. I have never had a baby before but I love children and I believe I will be good mother.

I am financially suffient so I don't need you pay for any expenses for children or insemination, unless you want to.

I am dependent, easy going and very nice.

Your involvement with the child will be completely up to you. It's open for discussion.

The most ideal candidate will be a caucasian male, fairly good looking, at least 5'10" (180 cm) and with at least a college degree. Also, someone who doesn't mind to travel to Taiwan or Thailand for insemination done in hospital if needed (because Hong Kong just doesn't allow that kind of medical treatment of unmarried couples!).

If you are also interested, please drop me line.

by GrasHop » 17 Sep 2018

Yes, Let's! I am solicitor too. Hydrogenated water and powderized volcanic rock dust for soil fertility. I have business meetings for you here too! Hearts only an ocean apart. Peace and plenty. the humble grass

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