Looking for caucasian sperm donor in Indonesia

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by Abby » 21 Apr 2016

I am a 35 yo woman, looking for a Caucasian sperm donor who is willing to do artificial or home insemination. My spouse is 6'4" with ash blonde hair and blue eyes. It would be wonderful if the donor could have similar appearance but not essential.

I will be spending a few months in Jakarta.

Is there any healthy, smart, funny, witty and kind man out there willing to help us?

We are not looking for coparenting. In the future, when the child is of age, we might tell him/her about the donor (we could have a discussion about the donor involvement).

by Derek » 29 Apr 2016

Hi, my name is Derek, I read your profile and like to help if possible.
I happen to be 6'7" and exactly how you described your husband to be.
Feel free to ask me any questions and I can send you pictures of my kids.
My grandmother happened to have been born in Jakarta in 1910 and I have a
few drops of Indonesian in me. Lets talk and take it from there.

Best regards, Derek

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