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by bbybby » 23 May 2018

We are a mixed couple, I: caucasian She: filipina. She is 32 very sexy voluptuous hourglass figure with a body that would make an awesome mother. Unfortunately however I may be too old to do the job. We are looking for a caucasion between the ages of 25 and 45 willing to make our family. She wants lots of kids and we both want our kids to be full brothers and sisters so must be someone willing to return every year or so to make the next one. Must also be totally comfortable with me being present and near during the event. Must be good looking, little or no facial hair and generally be a nice guy. She can only do this if it's with someone she genuinely likes so please be prepared to get to know us and become friends first. The ideal would be someone who can be like an "uncle" to our kids. I would be the official father on the birth certificate and very importantly the kids must never know otherwise. Must be willing to commit to coming back and stay with us at least a month every year or so to make the next one. While you are with us, you can be her exclusive sexual partner if you prefer and I will only watch and maybe be involved before and after.

However it's not easy to find such a man. She cannot do this with someone devoid of emotion. She needs to feel not only comfortable with him but an attraction and some feelings for him, which may require some dating and getting to know each other. I am not jealous in the least and have no insecurities or fears of our relationship being damaged if she has feelings for another man. It's entirely possible for a person to love 2 people and were it to happen, I am mature enough that I would not be upset as long as my partner was happy.

She loves sex but cannot feel attracted to someone or enjoy sex unless she feels genuine affection for him. So only respond if you are prepared to put in more effort than a one night stand. We are looking for someone who can become a genuine lifelong "friend of the family". Less importantly perhaps but worth mentioning is that while she needs emotions involved, she loves to be dominated in bed and if you like to be very aggressive and even a bit rough in the act, that would be a bonus.

If you bald, or ugly or impatient or dishonest, please ignore the above and move on.

by vrd71 » 25 May 2018

feel free to im me

by Jonas70 » 19 Jun 2018

You have an interesting proposal. Would I be a good candidate?

by Jonas70 » 19 Jun 2018

Hi! I am interested. Feel free to contact me.

by DavidCan » 22 Jun 2018

I am a 18 year old young Caucasian man from miami with a huge sex drive, you need babies I got you , email me I can send you pics of myself if you want, ***@gmail.com

by Osje » 23 Jun 2018

Seems most of your replies are a bit daft and low effort.
I would like to get in touch if you haven't found someone yet, I am a 26
year old man that is 190 cm tall with blue eyes and a straight brown hair.
I am good looking and nicely shaved, I spent 2 years in the army and have a good steady job with good exercise. Have plenty more info on my profile, looking forward to hear from you.
Kind regards from Norway.

by ForYou88 » 23 Jun 2018

Where are you located?

by Jrd1379 » 21 Jul 2018


This is an interesting proposition, I would like to discuss it with you if you haven't found someone. I am blond, intelligent, healthy as a horse.

by Mark1991 » 06 Aug 2018

Hey I‘m Markus
Check out my profile i can be your regular sperm donor

by donornow » 19 Aug 2018

Not many will be able to fulfill the emotional part. I do think indeed that this requires a healthy, stable, and honest relationship, and it would be foolish to say outright one is ready for the job without making sure that one can hold the 'uncle' role in the longterm. Contact me, I'm happy to make a phone call and see how the energy is.

by PJim » 11 Oct 2018

Are you still looking for a donation? I am in Manila right now

by Vilnius » 04 Feb 2019

Hi! I am interested.
I believe I am the best candidate for that. I am intelligent, well educated, balanced, healthy, and clean. I live a healthy lifestyle, no smoking, no drugs. Originated from family of doctors. Graduated from University with Honors degree. Working in IT area, have earned several worldwide recognized professional certifications. My hobbies are reading books, sports and travelling. I travel every month, mostly in Europe. As a truly blessed father of 4 beautiful children, I want to extend this blessing to others who are also looking to become parents.
Any questions? Feel free to message me. My e-mail address ***@inbox.lt
When would you like to start the project?

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