Looking for an Asian sperm donor

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by Yehetgal » 17 Jan 2018

Im a 28 year old bi-racial female looking for an Asian sperm donor in the VA/MD/DC area. AI only. Im ready to begin the next chapter of my life, which is to have a child.

by martinla » 18 Jan 2018

i m sperm donor located in hongkong

by Louis25 » 15 Apr 2018

Hi, I live in NY area, do you still in need?

by Toyah » 17 Apr 2018

Call I'm looking for Asian Korean Tibetan sperm donor as soon as possible willing to pay I'm a very beautiful woman I'm black white and Indian and I know my baby will come out gorgeous I'm looking for very handsome Chinese Asian Korean men please contact me ***

by rhino99 » 19 Apr 2018

I'm korean

by khomenx » 28 Apr 2018

Hi, I'd like to help...I am a sperm donor available and located in Indonesia, aged 40, healthy, casual type, 170 cm tall, black brown eyes, black brown hair, I'm mixed Indonesian, Arabian, Chinesse. I'm new in Sperm donor here. If you are interested, please pm. Thank you:-)

by filix » 24 Jun 2019


I'm also biracial (white/Asian) and live in the VA/MD/DC area. If you're still looking for a donor, please message me.

by smm1898 » 14 Jan 2020

Hello, looking for asian sperm donor preferably cambodian but any will do. in the MD area and will share pics.

by Jayjake7 » 18 Jan 2020

I'm a Secondary Mathematics Teacher for the past 8 years, Filipino asian, 31 years old and healthy. PM me if you are interested! I live at Washington at the moment.

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