Looking for an anonymous donor in Denver Colorado.

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by Pink1991 » 17 Jun 2018

I am a 26 year old woman looking for an anonymous donor, or a natural donor willing to rescind all rights, and in return I would not hold the donor to any obligation to the child. I am planning on doing this myself. Time is also of the essence. The sooner I get pregnant the better. I would like to have a caucasian donor, preferably one with darker blue eyes. If you're artistic that would be even better! 8 years ago I lost my son. I miscarried him, and now I am ready to try again.

by jeff123 » 18 Jun 2018

Hi how are you?

by Pink1991 » 18 Jun 2018

I am great! Yourself?

by Pink1991 » 18 Jun 2018

I'm doing great! How are you? I am thrilled that you responded!

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