Looking for an anonymous donor in Denver Colorado.

Looking for a US sperm donor, or want to be a sperm donor yourself? Then you might wonder whether you should get help from a sperm bank. Yet going to a sperm bank may feel safer, both for the sperm donor and the future parent(s). There is no best way to search in the USA.

by Pink1991 » 16 Jun 2018

I am looking for a healthy donor. Someone willing to sign over all rights to the child, and I will never hold you to any obligation to the child. I have always wanted children, and I was pregnant, but I miscarried my son. I have been devastated over it for 8 years, and I am ready to try again. I am technically disabled because of a severe knee injury that required six surgeries, the last one being a knee replacement. I am a nanny though. I have always pictured being a single mother. Check out my profile, I don't have a membership, for some reason they haven't approved it yet, but I figure I'd get a head start.

by Pandacow » 26 Jul 2018

Hey there, i believe i can assist you in what it is you're loo,k,ing for ,i, ,k, boxofwater for, feel free to contact me and we can discuss in further detail exactly what you're looking for, thanks!

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