Looking for african american donor

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by Blg » 07 Dec 2014

Hi, I am a 24 year old white single mother of one child. Looking to expand my little family. I am looking for a black male as a donor. Thank you, please contact to further discuss :)

by donar » 21 Jul 2015

are you still looking?

by HandsomeG » 01 Oct 2015

Are you still looking?

by tai69 » 03 Oct 2015

I'm interested in being a donor or coparent for you.

by Garym » 24 Nov 2015

I'm mixed though black/white/Spanish

by Gene38 » 30 Nov 2016

If you're still looking. I'm interested. I will be happy to provide you with more info about me.

by WESTSAT » 02 Dec 2016

okay let me see your photo first then we talk

by Gene38 » 15 Dec 2016

Please send a private message for pictures. I will be happy to send you photos or just add me on skype.

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