Looking for a sperm donor near MD

Looking for a US sperm donor, or want to be a sperm donor yourself? Then you might wonder whether you should get help from a sperm bank. Yet going to a sperm bank may feel safer, both for the sperm donor and the future parent(s). There is no best way to search in the USA.

by Caring » 20 Mar 2016

Hi all,
I'm looking for a sperm donor near the Maryland area. I am an attractive, healthy single women wanting to be a mom very soon. I work in the medical field and have what is needed to supply a stable home for a child.
You must supply proof of being STD free ect. Also, please have no chronic medical conditions. Please read my profile information and let me know if you are interested. Looking forward to hearing from you!

by Cavalier » 19 May 2016


You can read my profile as Cavalier as well. I live in MD and work in DC. I'm happy to provide pics as well.

6'2", fit, brown hair, green eyes, STD & genetic disease free. Let me know.


by Ruthie9 » 30 May 2016

Please, I can not access the messages in Co parents, How do I do this?

by plot12 » 04 Jun 2016

interesting, can you travel?

by Cavalier » 07 Jun 2016

I can certainly travel in the local DMV area, and I'm open to discuss areas outside of that radius.

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