Looking for a sperm donor in Ohio

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by SDMccart » 05 Jun 2020

I'm a single white female, in Ohio. I want a sperm donor only. I am not looking to have sex to have a child. So if that is what you want I am not the right fit for you. I'm hoping to have a Caucasian donor between 5/8 and up. This is only due to the fact that I love my bouncing red curls. Nothing to do with race so please don't think that. Ideally someone of Scottish or Irish descent. If this fits you oh, please get ahold of me. Thank you for your consideration.

by Orcrist » 07 Jul 2020

What part of Ohio? I'm in Northeast. Of Scottish descent. Have red hair too and I'm 6 feet tall.

by engaged » 07 Aug 2020

Hello, I am NW Ohio 6' tall blue eyes Irish decent. Been tested and ok.

by engaged » 07 Aug 2020

Hello, I am in NW Ohio. 6' tall blue eyes irsh decent. Been tested and ok

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