Looking for a sperm donor/co parent in NV

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by Sablle » 19 Mar 2019

I am currently looking for someone to help me fulfill my dreams of becoming a mom. Please message me, I'm open to travel and if you can, shipping.

by Ako24 » 24 Mar 2019

I’m Alex, 38, single, self-employed truck driver from Eastern Europe. I have lost my wife 12 years ago and I’m not looking for a family. This moment of my life I feel I need some changes.
I would like to meet a lonely woman to help her having a baby and I want us to be close loving friends for years. My idea is to spend a few months each year living and working in US and I need a good friend to be with, who will help me doing my first steps in another country and I’ll do my best to help with the baby.
I’m honest, calm, handy person, speak 3 languages, like sport and playing guitar, now dreaming about sax lessons), I don’t use my 5-years law education (it’s sad). I don’t drink, don’t like beer and don’t smoke, try to use healthy food. I’m very sensitive, very kind and understanding.
I hope to find someone who likes my idea. If you like traveling I’ll be happy to invite to spend a weekend or more together in Europe, or spend some time together in US. I’m open to all proposals.

by Gary68 » 07 Apr 2019

Look my profile out. I am interested.

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