Looking for a sperm donor as partner can't have children

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by tonka » 14 Apr 2016

Hi there in a 37 year old European female with a Maori partner that is 44 we have been together for over ten years and my partner can't have children due to having chemotherapy at the age of 20 , we are looking for a sperm donor so we can fulfill our dream of becoming parents, I'm currently in my third year of my degree in social work and my partner is a truck driver, we live north of Auckland and are very keen to hear from anyone that would consider helping us.

by pyengin » 19 Jun 2016

Please let me know your details and will get back to you. Thanks

by Flashboy » 12 Jan 2018

Please dm me your contact details if you’re still looking for a donor and I can help you out to fulfill your dream :)

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