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by sammy76 » 31 Mar 2020

Hi, I'm a 43 year old guy from Houston. I am searching for someone who needs a co-parent or sperm donor who would let me have a part in baby's life. I am in healthcare, I'm 6'1'' 220 with dark blonde hair and hazel eyes. I am single and was a very young father........I have 2 grown up kids in their 20s. I have no medical issues, and would like to bring a bundle of joy in to what is a crappy world right now!

by Katirna » 02 Apr 2020

If I wasn’t in Missouri I would love to work with you. Worry distance would be a problem.

by GreenBug » 04 Apr 2020

Good morning, I'd like to talk more if you're interested :)

by nangpete » 12 Apr 2020

Hi -
I’m in Texas and would be interested in getting to know more about you.
Let me know if interested.

by MamaLu » 10 May 2020

I'm 32 and open for many kinds of arrangements!

by Marie031 » 10 May 2020

I’m in SoCal!

It’s a little far, but let me know if occasional trips wouldn’t be a problem.

by Stormcha » 16 May 2020

I'm in DFW area if you're still looking

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