Looking for a loving co-parent (father) in New York

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by FaithNYC » 12 Jun 2016


I've always wanted to be a mommy but decided to take care of myself first. I'm well educated and have a happy life. I grew up with a mom and dad in the same household and I think that is the best way to go but modern life calls for modifications. I think the next best alternative is co-parents in separate households with a common goal of raising a happy and healthy baby. I'm looking for a kind, sweet and reliable gentleman who is longing to be a father and has not had a chance yet. Someone who loves and would be proud of being involved daily in his child's life

by tominnyc » 16 Jun 2016


I am also in NYC and open to such a partnership, if you are interested maybe we can talk and see how it goes. If my stats fits what you are open to please do feel free to drop me a line.


by nurseB » 20 Jun 2016

I'd love to discuss this with you more, I became a pseudo father to a young girl when I was a teen through unfortunate circumstances. My daughter passed last year at 11 and I would love a chance to have a child of my own.

by Scotscan » 21 Jul 2016

Hi I am an educated guy and probably tick most of your boxes please contact me!

by afro10x » 21 Jul 2016

I am opened to discuss it with you seriously

by Deputy » 13 Dec 2016

I know it's a little late, but if interested still would love to chat with you.


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