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by anado » 17 Feb 2017

Looking for a kind female to co-parent, loving and emotionally grounded person, who is ready to be a mom and share this responsibility.
I am looking for someone who is smart/street smart, educated and professional.
I am interested in meeting someone who is ready to develop a friendship and explore each-others lifestyle. Ideally I am trying to meet someone who is ready to help eachother create that modern family.
I live in Toronto I want to be a Dad. I have been researching co-parenting approaches for some time now.
I am a loving person with a good sense of humour. I am loyal, honest, non-smoker, clean and healthy. I have the ability to see and understand things from another person's perspective.
I tend to be more cautious and a bit conservative, a planner who wants to understand the details and consequences of each action. Also, I am a dreamer, an optimist a fun-loving spirit who sometimes forces headfirst into whatever joys and challenges life presents

by Angel007 » 22 Feb 2017

Hello, sounds very good. Check out my profile.

by Roxy2017 » 03 Mar 2017

By! Would to chat some more about this. Your post definitely got my interested peaked.

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