Looking for a female Co-parent in Ottawa/Montreal/Toronto

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by eraykkay » 30 Oct 2019

Hey there,
I am a 30 year old, single gay male with a master's degree and a successful/stable career in IT. I speak 3 languages, have dual citizenship and have a very loving, supportive family. I am 6'2, Caucasian and have light-brown hair with athletic/heavy body build.

I've been dreaming about becoming a dad; practically all my life. For the last few years (must be the age!); I've a strong feeling and urge to become a parent, and find someone who has a similar perspective towards life and willing to become a co-parent to have a lifetime friendship and mutual support to raise one or multiple kid(s). I currently live in Ottawa (for the last 8 years) but can re-locate depending on the feasible circumstances (I work remote).
Hit me up if you are interested or want to at least have some conversation about co-parenting. It always helps to hear the stories of others' goals and perspectives! You can have a look at my profile here


by HKells » 13 Nov 2019

Hello, I'm a queer female with education training. I'm looking to move to Ottawa once my contract is up. I'm interested.

by Quinn11 » 14 Nov 2019

Contact me if interested in chatting

by sophieva » 01 Jan 2020

I am in Ottawa - interested in discussing further.

by Alisa259 » 05 Feb 2020

I'm in Montreal if you're still looking. 39 year old, open-minded and ready to be a loving mama :)

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